Cold Room Doors

Cold Room Sliding Door Suppliers

Hinged Doors

Wafes hinged doors come fully assembled and ready to install with all necessary hardware. An integral panel with rising hinges and a rubber gasket is created by joining two door leaves made of a special profile aluminum and a wood thermal barrier. It is made with a special aluminum profile with a wire provision for the door heater specifically for freezer applications. Aluminum door frames are incorporated with wall panels in chiller rooms.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are frequently delivered as a complete set, ready for installation with all the necessary hardware. The doors’ rails are made of saltwater resistant materials. The door leaf is constructed from an injected sandwich panel, and it is completely encased in a polyester steel sheet that is equipped with rail fittings as well as door locks and handles. In order to prevent gelation and ice formation, freezer doors are provided with heating cables in the frame.